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About this page

This page gives you some information about the genealogy of my wifes and my family. We are both born in the Harz-area (south of lower saxony). Based on the information we have found in a heritage we started to explore our family-history. At present app. 1000 persons from five centuries have been listed in our database. The complete english translation is still outstanding.

Information about the Kempf/Kempe-genealogy

The family-name KEMPE and KEMPF can be found very often in germany especially in the south. My Kempe/Kempf-family (the name changed at the end of the 18th century) has its roots in the Solling-area (Schönhagen and Neuhaus in the old Kingdom Hannover). The Kempe-family in Lüneburg is also linked to us. The chart with the regional distribution shows the actual distribution of all the Kempfs in germany. One of our ancestors has immigrated to the USA at the end of the 19th century (Johann Christoph Kempf * 21.4.1857). We are still searching for further informations about him and his brothers.

Information about the Brothuhn-genealogy

The oldest records showing the name BROD(t)HU(h)N in are the "Türkensteuer"-List from the end of the 16th century. All Brothuhns do have there roots in the villages Weissenborn-Lüderode (catholic) or Stöckey (protestantic). They all seems to have the same root. The regional distribution still shows a huge amount of Brothuhns in the Harz- and Eichsfeld-area.Brodhuns can also be found in the USA.

Information about the Aurin-genealogy

The oldest Aurin-genealogy starts with Andreas AURIN * 7.7.1610 in the Sachsa-area. The regional distribution of living Aurins based on the german phonebook will give you an idea where they actually live. Some members of the family have emigrated to the USA app. around 1850.


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